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A podcast about creating experimental art in trauma-informed and sustainable ways that support artists, our communities, and the organization as a whole.


Season 1 features interviews with creatives, panel discussions, and excerpts from workshops. Listen now or read the blogs below!

Season 2 was going to feature GBC Founder, Molly W. Schenck, discussing the intersection of trauma & creativity and her devising method trauma-informed creative practices....but then decided it would be more appropriate as a separate podcast. Find out more here.

Season 2 of Any Other Anythings will continue with individual interviews featuring creatives from talking about creating performances on mental health, grief and loss, and othering and belonging through a trauma-informed lens.


Season 3 is coming up next! We are currently looking for sponsorship. So, if you or your organization would be interested in sponsoring the season or an episode or two, please contact us for more information. 

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