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S2 E1 Welcome to Season 2!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Molly: Hello all and welcome. Season two of Any Other Anythings. Now, if you're getting a bit of a deja vu, that's because, uh, it's been a bit of a reboot and it's been some time too. So I'm really excited that we are going to be rebooting Any Other Anythings? So originally season two was going to be focused on trauma-informed creative practices.

And as I started going through that, it felt weird and funky and I was like, no, no, like that needs to be its own thing cuz it's just my voice. So, Trauma-Informed Creative Practices is now its own podcast, and we are back with interviews with all the creatives for season two and season three of Any Other Anythings.

So we're playing catch up a little bit. So what you can expect in this season is very much, uh, similar to season one, except that, you know, it's been a few years since the pandemic started, so we're, we're in a little different head space than we were, uh, in season one. And with that as well, uh, I will not be your host this season.

So I'm just here to kind of move through this transition from season one to season two. I will be interviewing Micah for our first full episode or episode two of season two, and then Micah's gonna take over hosting responsibilities and interview all the creatives for the rest of the season, uh, in season two, season three.

We've got something else coming up. I'll talk about that later. Another thing that's different about seasons two and three, is we're going to keep a video, uh, version as well, so you can see this on YouTube. As well as listen to wherever you listen to podcasts. So if it's helpful to see us, you've got that option.

And if it's helpful to just do the audio, you have that option. And as always, we'll have transcripts on our website. We will have show notes or wherever the notes are going to be, so that way you can link to the various things we do. Topics are going to really focus on what it has been. To devise and create new work during this time.

So season two is focused on the development of Pause, uh, both the digital film version of Pause as well as the in-person version of Pause. So that's what you can expect in season two. And of course, we'll be talking about like the usual stuff we go into details about and talking about what it is to devise work in a trauma-informed way.

What is it to devise work around mental health and navigating like, Creative life balance type thing that we are all, we're all trying to do? And um, probably a significant amount of tangents so. Yeah, I hope that you enjoy the ride. I hope that you enjoy season two. I'll catch you at the very end of season two to talk about what Season three will bring.

All right, y'all take care of yourselves. Until next time.

Hey listener. Thanks so much for taking the time and energy to listen to this episode of Any Other Anythings. Be sure to check out the show notes for links to find out more about this podcast, the Speakers and Grey Box Collective. You can also go to grey box for a full transcript of this episode.

Thanks again for listening and take care of yourself.

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