Grey Box Collective is committed to continuing to offer opportunities for artists to create and audiences to participate in performances through physically distanced, sustainable, and compassionate avenues. 

In response to COVID-19, we transitioned to a digital platform to provide continuous spaces for our experimental, interdisciplinary, and post-dramatic performances. We had multiple creative teams exploring the new possibilities in our disrupted world. It resulted in a postcard performance series available for purchase in our shop!

Things change quickly and regularly during pandemic life, so, in an effort to be adaptable and minimize additional stress in our lives, we set super flexible deadlines with all the material being created (and it's a practice we might just keep in a post-pandemic world). We ask for your patience, understanding, and support as we navigate  an uncertain world and arts scene. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as sign up for our newsletter to make sure you are updated on the latest with GBC. You can also visit our donation page for more information about our fiscal sponsor and how to contribute to our work. 

We'll be announcing all the exciting things this season has to offer soon. If you'd like to be a part of it all, check out the get involved section of our website to find out how to join us in the next season.

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Be sure to place your order at least 12 hour in advance to ensure a timely delivery of event information.


We continue to use a pay-what-you-can model in an effort to make the arts more accessible. For our virtual performances you can pay per person or household. ($15 per person or $25 per household suggested)

Waiting for a show to start?

In general, all event links will be sent via email a few hours before the show.


If you do not receive the link within an hour of the performance start time, please contact

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Your feedback is anonymous - unless you chose to share your name. Your feedback helps us better understand our audience and the audience experience. We apply what you share both artistically and organizationally. Also, the grants we apply for to fund our seasons are interested in the demographics of those we connect with. Completing the survey is a way to indirectly financially support us. Your feedback will be viewed by Grey Box Collective's administrators and artists. Your testimonial will only be shared publicly if you consent to it.