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As we are moving towards our 9th season we are aware of how the state’s budget will impact our programming (specifically one of our main grants will be reduced by 90%). We have relied heavily on grants since 2018 and will need support from humans like you to make-up for the anticipated reduction in grant funding this season.


We humbly ask for your support in ensuring our work can be sustained next season.


Support will go directly to creatives and fund our future projects.


We are committed to continuing to produce work that sparks conversations for social transformation and inspire embodied activism around difficult topics.

Please see the image for more details on the specific projects coming up in Season 9.


Thank you for supporting our efforts to make weird art about tough stuff!

Season 9 GBC  GBCF.png


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P.S. If you are interested in supporting Grey Box next season by donating time and energy instead of funds, please check out how to get involved. We have an open call for board members and would love to see an application from you 🤍
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