While we have been consistently awarded grants from local agencies, the overwhelming majority of those funds are designated for the projects and events we create. Behind the scenes, there are efforts to secure non-profit status which would allow for general operations funding and larger grants to support this work. Additionally, there is work on finding a studio space to call our own which would significantly allow us to reallocate where our energy goes. If you are interested in support stability and growth for Grey Box Collective, please consider donating below.



Grey Box Collective, founded by Molly W. Schenck, is registered as a limited liability company. GBC is fiscally sponsored by the 501(c)3 Orphanage Dance Project - Mexico, founded by Emily May. The Orphanage Dance Project exists to create a global community through dance. Each year the project is shaped and adapted by the contributions and talents of the participants. The creative movement practices and activities are driven by a thematic question for the year. The desired outcome of the project is a community where all learn, share and create together through dance. To learn more about the orphanage we work with visit their website at http://casahogarsanmartindeporres.org/ Molly and Emily began their entrepreneurial journey together in graduate school and are thrilled to support each other through the highs and lows of running arts organizations. If you would like your donation to GBC to be tax-exempt, please donate directly to ODP. Checks can be made out to Orphanage Dance Project Inc and mailed to 1367 S Country Club Dr #1306, Mesa, AZ, 85210, or thorugh PayPal at odpmex@gmail.com, or Venmo at Orphanage_Dance_Project