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Grey Box Collective creates original, interdisciplinary, experimental, post-dramatic performances about social and emotional wellbeing (i.e. we make weird art about tough stuff.) We are celebrating our seventh season! This season is supported by the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, Arizona Commission on the Arts, City of Tempe -Community Arts Grant, and Mesa Arts Center's Arts at the Center Foundation.

Grey Box Collective is a trauma-informed arts organization committed to holding compassionate spaces for ourselves and others. We embody multiple truths, we center taking care of ourselves, we get uncomfortable, and ensure sustainable practices are embedded in all that we do. We believe this work leads to a just society.


Through our actions, reflections, and art-making, we aim to challenge and re-shape the status quo* in our organization, in our bodies, and our communities.


Our work is interdisciplinary, experimental, and post-dramatic.


Let's unpack that.


We work primarily at the intersection of performing arts, visual arts, educational psychology, somatics, and feminist theory. We aim to explore brand new forms of expression and make choices to rebel against the “norms”. Our work prioritizes investigating broad ideas (ex. hate, othering, shame, mental health and sexual violence) and typically steps away from traditional plot lines or characters.


Our performances are developed through a trauma informed creative practices method to embody and embed a lens of compassion and curiosity into spaces of creativity and learning. This allows for brave and supportive environments where multiple internalized/individual truths and social/systemic truths can be explored.


Additionally, we seek to contribute to a sustainable arts community through organizational models that promote inclusivity, body positivity, shared power structures, care, and compassion in ourselves and others.


(*status quo = imperialist white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy) 

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