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S3.E8. Rayshawn & Hannah

Rayshawn: Hello and welcome to the podcast where we talk about creating experimental art and trauma informed and sustainable ways that support artists, our communities, and our organization as a whole. I'm Rayshawn Walkins and I'll be your host for this episode of any other anythings.

Hello all, welcome to the episode number and I forgot what number we were on, 11 number 11 of season three of any other anythings. I'm Sean Watkins, as you know, and we'll be the host for this episode. Um, things I do with Gray Box. I'm a dancer, mover, I do the behind the scenes work of the podcast and all that fun stuff.

Less enough about me, . Today I'm here with Hannah. Hannah, how are you?

Hannah: I'm doing pretty good. How about you?

Rayshawn: That's what's up. I'm doing pretty good, you know, crazy day, but life. Go on. , . But, um, in a moment, Hannah, we'll get into more of your origin story, but I wanna start off with like a little check-in and a little resourcing to get us started.

So, first check-in. How are you, what are you thinking about and how are you doing?

Hannah: Yeah, I'm doing good. So I just came from leading a rehearsal with my students. So I'm thinking like logistics. Right now I have a logistics brain where it's like costumes, dance show, blah things. So I need to relax my brain so I can be in the calm space of where we're at.

So that's where I am. How.

Rayshawn: You know, I am honestly same, literally in the same position as you right now. Just trying to think of like the next steps for the school year and stuff like that. Mm-hmm. . So yeah, I'm not too far, but other than that I'm doing good. Yeah. Uh, speaking about relaxing, do you wanna lead us in like a little exercise or activity that you do to like, gets in.

Hannah: Sure. Yeah, of course. Um, so what I like to do is I like to, um, I have to sit, um, or lay down and close my eyes. Um, so we can do that together. So we'll close our eyes, we'll sit, we'll take a breath. Mm-hmm. . Um, and as we close our eyes, I like us to take a couple breaths together. So we'll breathe in and we'll breathe out.

And what I like to do is I breathe in, is I imagine that there's a balloon and it's blowing up and it's getting bigger. So we're gonna breathe in and the balloon is gonna get bigger, breathe in, and the balloon is getting smaller.

Then I imagine something prettier than a balloon. What is something that breathes? So I imagine the wind going through, um, a field of flowers. Usually I'm a wildflower, kind of girly. So then I like to change the scenery from a balloon to something more imaginative. So we'll breathe in, breathe out. Can I imagine myself laying there?

In the flowers. Breathing in, breathing out. Wiggle the wrists, wiggle the ankles. Still breathing. Breathing.

Elbows and knees. Oh, I forgot. Wrists and ankles. Wrists and ankles too. All the things. Wiggle my ribs. My hips, my head. Then I slowly bring it to a stop. Last breath.

Open my eyes.

Rayshawn: Ready? Nice. Oh, I felt the vibes. That was so relaxing. Actually, , like I needed a little bit of that.

Hannah: The wildflowers. The wildflowers makes you feel like a main character. So I like that. Yeah.

Rayshawn: Walking through the field, . Cool. So listeners, so as you know, one of the things we're doing differently this season is we're dividing out each of the episodes into three segments.

One, to focus on the creatives personal story, one section to talk about behind the scenes of our most recent projects. In the last section is where we lean into other, any other things, hence the title . And that's when we just choose anything that we want to spark a conversation with today, if that makes sense.

And for a little transparency, we talk about the structure and the content to today prior to recording. So while a lot of the content would be spontaneous, then from what we're working within has already been agreed upon between me and Hannah. Boom, done. Cool. So up first we have first holding space for G P C creatives origin stories on this platform and origin stories can take many shades.

So we think of them as like clues throughout our lives that we suggest we end up where we are today, either physically, professionally, personally, emotionally, and all the things. Um, another way to think of these stories are the parts of our journeys that don't necessarily make it into our bio's website, but are definitely thread.

That have been a part of our lives, right? I feel like that just makes so much sense. So today I'll be holding space for Hannah to share her story. Now, as a foremost, exercise is often done with the challenge of the listener to hold space for the speaker without interjection, with minimal nonverbal communication and no vocal responses until the storyteller feels complete.

And this story. So I'll go quiet, and Hannah, whenever you're. Awesome.

Hannah: All right, so y'all know I'm Hannah. Um, this is my second season with G B C. Um, my origin story as a creative, um, start to know. I was a really little kid, so I started dancing when I was three. So with G B C, I'm a mover, I'm a dancer. Um, but I started dancing when I was three years old in studios and all the, all the good things.

uh, parents used to joke that like the first sentence that I said was, can I take a dance class? , um, was to go to studio and take dance. So I have always loved it ever since I was a kid. Um, I've also been really involved in theater since I was a kid. I did my first monologue when I was in kindergarten, so I, and I competed in kindergarten with my monologue.

So I love all things creative. . Um, when I was six years old, I started learning my first instrument, the trumpet. I played it for 12 years. Um, loved it. Don't play anymore . Um, but yeah, that was fun. Um, so music and arts and creativity in all those things have been in my life forever, and it's a huge part of who I am.

Um, so. Yeah, I always knew I wanted to be a dance teacher. So like for Halloween, my mom would gimme two costumes to pick from. And it was a ballerina or a princess. Mm-hmm. . And that was the same every year. And I'd always pick ballerina every year I was a ballerina . And that was just so funny. And I just think about that and I'm like, wow, I am consistent.

I just fell in love with dance. It, I always say dance is my first love, um, since I was a kid, um, And so I have a really hard relationship with it growing up. Mm-hmm. , um, just cuz like everyone in dance, usually you grow up struggling with body image, you struggle with how you're eating, you struggle with comparison.

And with my parents' job I moved 13 times, um, before college. And so going to, and finding a new studio was always hard. And then finding your place in that studio was always hard. So I took a lot of breaks. Um, in dance, but um, I always went back to it. Um, and by my senior year I had applied during my senior year of high school, I applied to a school for music cuz I had really gotten more involved with playing my instrument and I had traveled the world playing my instrument.

Um, And I got a full ride scholarship for music and I decided I don't wanna do that anymore. Wow. So then I applied, um, to G C U, went to school for dance education. Um, and I don't regret a second of it. Um, my degree, the professors that I had changed my thoughts on what dance was, it opened me up to this world of dance where it's more than just a dance on stage, but it's something with depth and meaning and that can edify me and people around me, um, connected me with lots of.

Professors that I still am in contact with. And then Molly, of course, who is the G B C director amazing, um, opened us up to this. So, um, it's been a long journey, but dance has always been my my love. Um, so now I am a dance and theater teacher at a high school here in the valley. Um, and I will. Full-time. I'm at two schools right now, but next year I'll be full-time at one school and I am overjoyed.

It's my dream job since I was a kid. So doing dance and theater, not having to give it up, not at just being a hobby. When you're a kid, that is a dream come true. So, That's me. Yeah.

Rayshawn: That's so awesome. I feel like I have this conversation with a few of my students today where it's like, they asked me, I was like, well, do you regret the degree you get?

And I'm like, well, no, because dance is something I love. Yeah. And I'm here with you Awesome people. So I'm glad you said that because mm-hmm. , like a lot of people need to know, like stick to your dreams. And like you may never know it could pay off and it always does, you know? Yeah.

Hannah: You don't have to give up just because it doesn't make money, quote unquote make it make.

Oh, oh,

Rayshawn: Hannah. You know what I mean? You stop it right now. That was so good. . Yeah, I definitely agree with that. You have to, I feel like wherever you do what you love, eventually something magical fall in your lap and then boom, you're a millionaire. .

Hannah: Yeah. I mean, that's the goal.

Rayshawn: Hey, boom. Done. Boom. Done. Alrighty, moving on. So now let's get into the creative process and behind the scenes of the most recent projects that you've been doing with gc. If like right now it's, um, understanding otherness and. The last one you just did was pause, right? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Nice. Okay. Now, with any, almost any creative pursuit, pursuits, the final proje product, project performance, et cetera, it's sharing just a tiny part of the work with audience.

So much time and energy happen well before audiences are aware of the project, and we wanna take some space to share more, more about our creative processes as individuals and within the company. And like honestly, I'm from, I ever wanna. Like how do you prep yourself to like get ready for a show? You know, like how do you mentally prepare for getting into the space and becoming creative?

Hannah: For sure. So, as you know, Rashaun, our shows are very improvisation based. Yeah. So, um, and while we do fall into a rhythm, um, it's still not the same choreography that we are putting on every night. Um, so what I do is usually Molly has, um, a recording of her voice going over the, the order of things and how things are gonna work.

Um, and I listen to her. . And, um, so I listen to her talk logistic wise, and I listen to, to that logistically. I also read over what like the, the game plan is, but a big thing that I have to do is I have to sit in silence. Mm-hmm. Um, I am such a talkative person and I'm so, like, I'm Type A. I love having all the things in front of me.

I love to write everything down. I am a goofball. I like to make jokes. Um, and if I don't shut up, I won't perform well. , I have to shut up and I have to be by myself, and I have to just be on my own and I have to breathe. Mm-hmm. . Um, and I feel like there's, um, A movement quality that I like to take on by myself, where I'm just on my own and I'm in the zone and I kind of get into this sway.

Mm-hmm. and, and then that's when I feel like, okay, my brain is awake, my brain is open, I'm ready, I'm ready to try new things. So that's, what's that what I gotta do? I gotta shut up .

Rayshawn: You tell us how that plays a part in the current project you're doing with Grey Box

Hannah: Yeah. So, um, so with the current project we're doing understanding otherness.

Yeah. So right now, because I relate so deeply to this content that I know that I will have to do some separation, well also some application. So there's some parts of it where I need to take myself out of it because it's not about me. Mm-hmm. , it's about, everyone, which is funny because it's understanding otherness and being othered or othering yourself.

Um, And there's so, so many topics within that subtopics within that, that are, that are really cool to explore. But I have to find the right balance between, this isn't The Hannah show, this is Gray Box Collective, bringing forth information to an audience to where they can see how they can apply themselves to it and think deeply about their life and reflect.

So, mm-hmm. , um. It's just a head space. It's just getting yourself into that. And performance-wise, or getting into rehearsals, I definitely have to remember, um, how to make other people feel highlighted or other people to shine in what they're doing. Mm-hmm. , um, because it's about everyone. And since we have new people this season, um, or people that are new to what they're doing, so some people have like changed their role a little bit this season.

Definitely wanting to make as many people as comfortable as possible so that way they are able and willing to try something new, try something challenging, and that way they shine as well. Yeah.

Rayshawn: Oh, let's, I wanna expand on that. Like what are some moments. Moments or some tools you can give the audience to help them welcome and people that like are new to the position that they're doing.

Like for us it's movement. But

Hannah: yeah. So like as how movers can welcome other movers, you think? Yeah. Like yeah. Mm-hmm. . Well, I think it has to do with a heart posture. , right? So it's a how, I'm a very heart led person. Mm-hmm. . So I think it definitely has to do with what energy are you bringing into the space?

What's your heart posture? Are you in a space where you're feeling loving and welcoming because that's where you need to be? Mm-hmm. . I personally feel like it's not an option to be unwelcoming, and that's how I expect my kids to be too. It's not an option to think you're elite. It's not an option to think you're better, you're not.

No one is better. That's not a thing. Mm-hmm. . Your only option is to be loving and welcoming. And I think that has to do with, um, opening your heart and mind to other ideas. You're not always right. Yeah. And even if you are always right, who cares? Mm-hmm. , you know what I mean? Yeah. Um, and as someone who is a recovering know-it-all myself, , that I have to humble myself and remember that.

The way to make a safe environment is to be loving and welcoming to others. And I actually learned this from Molly. So as you know, she's our professor. You know, as the audience knows, you'll find out in the next episode. in the next episode. She was my professor. Talk about it a lot. . Um, listen, episode 12.

Um, but, um, one of the first things she said, Um, so she asks us, what do you need in a class? And everyone said, we need a judgment free zone. And she said, okay, well here's my challenge. If this is a judgment free zone where we don't judge others, you're not allowed to judge yourself. That's changed my life forever.

that statement alone. You cannot have a judgment free loving place where people are gonna be vulnerable and experience weird art. If you're gonna judge yourself and say, I could have done better, or, I suck at dancing, or, I'm not doing my best today. No, no, no. Uhuh. You're here. You're doing it. You're awesome.

Yeah. . Long story short, that's .

Rayshawn: Oh. Oh. I'm glad we took the long way . That that was good. I was like, I needed to hear that. I feel like there's sometimes where I go through these moments where I like watch a video of myself dance. I'm like, wow, why did I move that way? Yeah. And I sometimes I need to take a step back.

I'm like, I'm not judging anyone else, so why should I judge myself? Right. So thank you for that. Knowledge that you Judge . That's, that's so awesome. Uh, . Okay. Next thing I wanna know, , is can you either give me, uh, I wanna say a favorite memory of, uh, one of the shows that you did with Great Box? Either pause or the current one right now, or did you do, let's take a step back.

Yes. What all you list, the shows and any other things that you've done with Gray Box before I ask that question. ?

Hannah: Yes. So this is only my second season with Gray Box, so I have just done pause in this show. Um, right. So I've done things with Molly and like other like video projects with Molly. , but I have, this is only my second season with gray box related content.

Right? Yeah. So that's, yeah.

Rayshawn: You were also, we also did together. Yes. You were. That when Covid hit. We did that. Um, yes. Video collage thing. Yeah. I

Hannah: went after you.

Rayshawn: Yes. Was that bef, was that with G c u, Molly or ?

Hannah: Yes, that was, that was with G C U, Molly. Got you.

Rayshawn: Okay. Boom, done. . Okay. Following that up, can you give me, uh, one of your favorite memories with one of the shows so far?

Hannah: Yeah. So Pause is near and dear to my heart. I love Pause. Mm-hmm. , um, and. Our first show was at Mesa Arts Center. It was set up really uniquely with how our show was going to be, and so we had a lot of narrow space to dance in. And because our show was traveling throughout the space, um, it would take 30 minutes to get to the very end in a very short, narrow area.

Mm-hmm. , whereas Singh Meadows, when we get there, I walk in to Singh Meadows and it is just gorgeous. It's open, there's grass everywhere, and Pause is about grief. It's about hard stuff. And I always cry during the show, during our little solo moments that we get. That's when I start the sob . Um, and I'm crying.

But, walking in and seeing the open grass, the field, the water, the birds, the trees. That was a moment of peace for me, which I am someone where moments of peace a lot of times are few and far between and that was the breath of fresh air that I needed. So even though that wasn't during the show, that just seeing it for the first time of where we're gonna be, that just made me feel so warm and content in my soul.

Like, yes, we can. We can do hard things today. We can do a show about something challenging today.

Rayshawn: Yeah. Mm-hmm. , that was a beautiful field.

Hannah: Oh yes. Loved it.

Rayshawn: Okay, my last question is, I want to know. I feel like it's always good to hear what's the best part and the challenging part of like every situation.

Mm-hmm. . So I wanna know like what was a challenging moment for you with one of the shows, whether that's like a certain part of the process was really hard for you, or like a day where you're just like off the ball. . Mm-hmm. , paint the picture for us. .

Hannah: Yes. Okay. So as I've mentioned before, I'm very Type A, meaning that I read every email

Um, some people don't read every email , and I just remember one rehearsal. Where I, we were doing all these improv things and we had gotten a long email about what the expectations were for each thing. So she's naming things off and we're supposed to know the movement quality, like what kind of style things.

We were doing all this stuff and I was ready mm-hmm. and I felt like no one else was ready, . And I was so upset because I wish. that someone had said, I don't know, and then we could have talked about it. Mm-hmm. , but instead we, I felt like 45 minutes was wasted of us just being like doing the same movement the whole time.

Mm-hmm. , you know what I mean? That make sense? Yeah. Mm-hmm. . Um, and so I was like, oh my gosh. because I love to know what's going on and be prepared. And if other people aren't prepared or I didn't get time to read it, that's not a problem. That's no biggie. Mm-hmm. . But we gotta, I, I need communication. So I was, I was, I had a bad attitude that day.

I had to come to Jesus moment with myself saying, you need to get it together. It's fine. It's not the end of the world. Right. So, and very few rehearsals are like, like that, where it's like, okay, every single thing is like, all right, we got it. But yeah. Yeah,

Rayshawn: yeah. I feel like it's for, it's a day thing for me.

I feel like sometimes there's moments where I'm like, oh, this just feels so right in my body. And there's some days where I like show up, I'm like, There's nothing here. No brain, no thoughts, ,

Hannah: no thoughts. And I have those days too. So if that was, you know, people that's chilling, it's fine. But I had to get out of my, I had to get out of my head.

Rayshawn: Yeah. I feel like, um, kind of piggy back off of the communication thing. I feel like Molly's like work environment is very like open. Mm-hmm. , like open to suggestion. And I think one of the things that I struggled with was, It just being so open, you know, like, oh, I could say something. My opinion matters , and it could change the course of the rest.

You know? Yeah. So I feel like I personally sometimes get like intimidated by that. I'm like, well, I don't wanna say something. And it changes the whole flow of what we're doing, you know? For sure. So do you ever have a moment like that where you. It's either I say something and let it be, or , you know what I'm saying?

Hannah: Yeah. I word vomit. I talk before. I think, um, if it's regarding like other people, then I hold my tongue usually. But if I have a thought, I mean, you know, you know what I'm like, I just say things and I'm like, actually, nevermind. Nevermind. So I'm currently working on that. just like saying things, but I totally get what you're saying.

Mm-hmm. . It is intimidating, but um, yeah, .

Rayshawn: That's so awesome. Well, speaking of communication, that rolls us into our next segment. Um, so we reached the final segment, which is so crazy. I feel like this is kind of flying right now. For sure. But we are gonna lean into the title of our show, which is any of other anything and any other anythings was a phrase that was used in our rehearsals that was like essentially a last call for topics we brought up, or like how we know it.

Stairway thoughts, which I live on. Those stairway thoughts. Mm-hmm. , . And we're reframing that slightly here to ask like, would you like to spark conversation? And like anything, and I want to spark a conversation about how do you like come up with your movement quality and like I want to hear the journey of you finding it.

Mm-hmm. Establishing it and then to where it is

Hannah: now. That is a crazy question. I have never thought of that in my entire.

Rayshawn: Really. Okay. Here's why I feel like my, when I was in college and we did that piece. Which one? That piece, the club, uh, one that didn't get it finished. Oh, the

Hannah: one I choreographed? Yes. Yes.

Rayshawn: Okay. And your movement quality, believe it or not, inspired me so much to like, where I kind of developed that. Like, ugh, I can, whoa, .

Hannah: Wow. That is the most heartwarming thing I've ever felt. Cause I felt like meia me as a dancer, I'm inadequate and that I picked you to be in my peace because you are so talented that whoa

Rayshawn: And I will not cry on this

Hannah: episode right now. No, we're not crying. We're not crying today. Wow. That is, that's, that's so crazy to hear. Wow. Yeah. . Well, um, so I did a lot of solos growing up, performing like in church . Mm-hmm. . So I would perform a lot of like solos, um, and choreographed a ton as a kid. Um, so I started choreographing really young and I fell in love with, um, lyrical movement where everything flowed from one movement to another.

Um, and. That's just what my baseline has always been is, um, flow, I feel like. Mm-hmm. , like something with, um, the flows from one thing to another, it makes sense, you know? Mm-hmm. , um, sharp is difficult for me, but I love watching it and doing it, but it's hard for me to choreograph it, if that makes sense.

Mm-hmm. . Um, but continuing with movement quality, I feel like. My professors in my various classes, like my freshman year when I took modern, it was my first time taking modern in my life. That changed me forever. Um, taking yoga for the first time in my life freshman year. Mm-hmm. , that changed my movement quality insanely, um, getting casted my sophomore year in three very different styles, which was.

like a pedestrian post-modern, which is like basically doing really weird stuff. And then like, like we like scratched our butt and like sniffed our armpits and like, looked down our shirts, and it was about like what random people do when no one's watching them. Mm-hmm. . Um, and then the other one, Ballet. I was in a ballet dance and I was like, who put me in a

A ballet dance. . Yes. Um, and then, um, Molly's dance. Mm-hmm. . And so I feel like. Me experiencing modern and post-modern dance for the first time, and because I experienced it as freshman, sophomore, like huge formative years in your college career, that I soaked it, I soaked it all up, pulled it all out, everything that I could get.

Um, and I just really made it my own. Um, yeah, I'd say my professor Angel had a huge impact on me and my movement quality because everything she does is connected. Mm-hmm. . Um, and then Marlene had a huge impact on me, um, by trying something, just because it's weird, doesn't mean it's wrong. Mm-hmm. , you know, and then Molly had a huge impact on me with what I did and tried, had.

And for the first time knowing that I started to feel confident in what my movement quality was, and I just didn't let it change anymore. I like kept it as mine and I made it mine, if that makes sense. Yeah, it does. So I think I found it at the end of my sophomore year. Yeah.

Rayshawn: Mm-hmm. . Sweet. Awesome. Well, before I ask you one more question, do you have any questions?

In the space about any other anythings? Hmm.

Hannah: This is a conceited question. Okay. How long have you been wanting to ask that question?

Rayshawn: Oh, okay. So did, when did Covid happen? Sophomore year,

Hannah: my junior year. Year. Sophomore

Rayshawn: year. . Right. And then freshman year, did we do, we did a piece, we did Molly's together. We did

Hannah: Molly's Together Your freshman year.

Rayshawn: Okay.

So I think it started from that one piece that we did and I believe that's the parasympathetic Yes. Parasympathetic piece. And then it started there cuz like, you know, that was all like super collaborative and like changing things up, mixing it all about, and it started there and I think it's just, , I started dancing really late.

Mm-hmm. . So like all the, everything I was learning was just like kind of technique and like just pumping in mm-hmm. . And I guess I didn't really experience like movement quality until like my senior year of high school, like the last quarter when like I finally tapped into it and I was like, oh yeah, you're establishing like your little movement.

Yeah. And then freshman year when like I got mixed with all these other dancers that like. Who they were and like kind of knew how they moved already. It kind of like intimidated me, but then being in like Molly pieces, like and seeing how everyone's so different, but it flows together. Yeah. And I would say like mentally, I feel like we have the same choreography styles we do.

Like I, I choreograph like. Same flowy, feel good move movement. Mm-hmm. , I think when we did that last, when I did that last piece with you, I wanted to ask you then, but then I feel like we never really had a time to

Hannah: No. I was pretty intense at like every second had a .

Rayshawn: Yeah. And then I guess when we started doing pause together, I kind of like remembered like, oh my gosh, I remember how well this girl moved and how good it felt to like dance.

Yeah. That's, I feel like Pause started it and then mm-hmm. , this last one, this last verse, I was like, oh, I gotta ask .

Hannah: Oh, I just gotta say that I can count on one hand how many times I've been told that I'm a good dancer or that anyone's been interested on my, in my dancing, like count on my hand. So, The fact that you say that and thought that is a huge, huge loving thing that you could ever say to me like, I am overjoyed.

So full of love in this moment. So thank you.

Rayshawn: Oh my gosh. Look at us. Look, love any other anythings right now, . Oh, that is so awesome. Okay. Um, yeah, so that. I feel like ties everything up for me. Yeah, for sure. Me too. How you feeling? You're feeling great. Yeah. That's so awesome. Okay, well I will like to end this episode with a little checkout and I like to check out.

I do this with my kids. I kind of be like, so I want you to like mentally think about something that you have coming up. How are you gonna get there? And then, Just how you doing or how you felt. I like that one. Okay. How did you feel about today? You don't have to do the first two, but you can do like, Elise, how did you felt about today?

Hannah: Okay. Okay. Mm-hmm. . So where I'm going, how I'm gonna get there, and how I felt about today. Boom. Done. Boom. Okay. So literally I'm going to a little. Get together. Mm-hmm. in like an hour. Um, but like in, in my life where things are going, I am just thinking of challenging my students with new things, moving new ways.

Mm-hmm. and today has really just solidified that gut feeling that like, okay, yeah, they need to experience something new with like, just our conversation. Um, how I'm gonna get there, I gotta remind myself how to do some post-modern stuff teaching. Um, so just gotta do some reflection and research that on my own and how I feel about today.

I feel so full, like full of love, you know what I mean? Feel good? Yeah. I feel great. Mm-hmm. .

Rayshawn: Yeah. Especially on Valentine's Day. Isn't that crazy? Yes, I know. Sweet. Hey, well, Hannah, thank you so much for your time and energy today, and I feel like I got to know you so much. Even more , so much. Even there's not even a stage much, so much there.

So much, even more

uh, like I like to say. It's been real, it's been fun. It's been real fun. I love

Hannah: All right. Well, hey guys. Thanks so much for taking the time and energy to listen to this episode of any Other Anything. Be sure to check out the show notes for links to find out more about this podcast about us and about Gray Box Collective. You can also go to Gray. for a full transcript of this episode.

Thanks again for listening in. You know, it's been real, it's been fun, and as Rayshaun says, it's been real fun. No fun. Catch you guys at our next episode. Bye . Bye.

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