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Molly W. Schenck founded Grey Box Collective in 2016 with the mission to develop original interdisciplinary performances that hang out in the messy grey areas of life. She saw this as a way to fill gaps in formal educational settings and create spaces where difficult dialogues could be ignited. You can read the full story here or listen to the podcast episode here


A little more about the founder. Molly W. Schenck is a multipotentialite in education, the visual and performing arts, and the wellness and fitness field. Her cyclical creative process is a quest to understand humans.


She is fascinated with human movement - whether that a social justice movement, individuals persisting through systems, or how a body moves through space and time. She is also interested in what interrupts the full expression of movement (stress, trauma, burnout, injuries, chronic pain, etc.). She specializes in the intersection of creativity and trauma.


Additionally, she is a mind-body personal trainer, somatic dance educator, and a somatic movement therapist in training. More information is available on her website.

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