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S3.E1. Molly Intros Season 3

Updated: Jan 26

Molly: All right. Hello everyone and welcome to season three of Any Other Anythings. I'm Molly, and I wanted to just pop in in this little like transition interlude between season two and as season three is kicking off to review. Like, what can you expect for this season? And so again, trying out a little shift in how we are structuring this season.

And so I wanna give you a little bit of a heads up about that. And yes, so. One of the big things is that we're going to keep shifting roles of who's kind of hosting each episode and who's really kind of being interviewed each episode and viewing each of these episodes as a collaboration. So

there are, I think, 14 episodes this season, and in each one you'll hear from two of the creatives. And you'll get to see everyone kind of sharing that role and responsibility of hosting as well as being interviewed. And so the structure for each episode I'm really excited about this, is it's going to be broken into three parts and like how exactly it's divided out is up to the, the humans who are creating that episode.

But roughly it follows. Three parts and the first part's going to be focused on everyone's origin stories or like what are the clues that led to the work that they're doing today? Like I think about, kind of the first time I ever really witnessed in a visual way the merging of different disciplines was in Xanadu.

I know totally like rewind the VHS and would watch that scene over and over again. And that's really kind of that first clue that I'd be interested in merging disciplines or interdisciplinary multidisciplinary work. Right. So those are the kind of like little clues, kind of a, another way to go about an origin story.

That isn't like a traditional bio or a resume but really learning about the body of work that all of the creatives do. And so that's the first part of each episode. The second part of each episode is going to focus more on the behind the scenes and the creative process. So that's probably what's going to feel the most familiar in terms of what you've experienced in season one and two.

And so that's unpacking. How do we create this work knowing that like the projects that come out are like just a little piece of all that we do. And so being able to spend a little more time talking about and unpacking the behind the scenes of how those projects come to be from each creative. And then the last part of each episode, that's where we really lean into the, Any Other Anythings and focus on like what are the conversations that these creatives would like to spark.

I've been thinking about that more and more about like the work we do, like when we really get down to the nitty gritty of it, like. What's the point? I call it a healthy existential crisis. Like what's the point of what we're doing? And it's to spark a conversation. These projects are to spark something and really be proactive about it as opposed to reactive, which I think we're very good at being reactive in this, in this country.

We're in the us. So what is it to spark those conversations early? And so each episode has this kind of micro collaboration between two various pairs of creatives is going to end each one with sparking some conversations. All right, so I'm really excited for this new structure. I'd love to hear from you, dear listener, about like, what do you think of it, and if this is something that you'd like to see us do moving forward. All right. So I hope you enjoy the season and I hope you share your thoughts on it with us. And yeah, I think that's it for this little interlude episode all. So thank you all.

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