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Season 3-4 Interlude

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a little interlude episode of Any Other Anythings. I am Molly, I am the Founder and Creative Producer of Grey Box Collective, and I will actually be your host for this next season of Any Other Anythings. And acknowledging, apologies, that I said in the last episode that I was going to do a wrap up for season three, and I didn't - I'm sorry. So consider this a wrap up for season three as season four begins. 

I want to just acknowledge that this season was, that season four of Any Other Anythings was recorded while we were in retrograde, Mercury was in retrograde - and so I know that, like, Mercury in retrograde gets quite a negative, perhaps, perception in the world, which is fine. It's its thing, right? But, I see it more as this, like, period of reflection, right? It's like this period of  revisiting projects or reorganizing or restructuring and that retrospect kind of vibe to it. So I find it kind of appropriate to be doing this during this time frame, right? And it feels important to acknowledge partially because, like, I do have quite a spiritual side that I don't often show in business, but it's a huge part of it. So, it feels appropriate that I'm recording during retrograde and also that this is a project that I've been wanting to do for a while. And quite frankly, it's something that I've complained about, like, other companies not doing, right? With Grey Box Collective, I think it's really important to be walking the walk, and being transparent with, with all the stuff and things.

And so for those who aren't familiar with Grey Box Collective, let me just tell you a little bit about Grey Box Collective. We make weird art about tough stuff - weird meaning new, novel, abstract, and tough stuff meaning topics that may be difficult to engage with. So weird meaning new, novel, abstract, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, post dramatic, and experimental. So we aim to explore brand new forms of expression and make choices to rebel against the “norms”. And our work really prioritizes investigating broad ideas that typically step away from traditional plot lines or characters.

And so part of the purpose of all of the work that we produce, whether it is going to be in a performance setting or if it is our coloring books or this podcast - we're really looking to spark conversations. So, with sparking conversations, I think of it like a match, and that match is going to have to have some movement, right? Whether it's to light a candle or it's fire for food or warmth or ambiance, right? Thinking about that kind of energy and presence with the work that we do, of all kinds. And when I think about like experimental work in the arts, and the work that we do, I've been thinking about it a lot as a collage. And instead of bits of pieces of paper or other materials composed on a canvas, we have living arts in a space, whatever that space might be - and that's anywhere from like experimental film and media, soundscape, movement, text, all of that.


And so over the years of Grey Box Collective - we're in our eighth season right now, and like smack dab in the middle of it. While yes, I have been kind of the institutional knowledge of Grey Box Collective, being the Founder, being the one that has been a part of every season. I do feel it's important to acknowledge that there are well over 100 creatives who have been a part of the company and are a part of the story that I'm really documenting at this time as well. And so I want to name that partially like, as I'm walking this walk of transparency, I'm also going to be intentionally vague at some times. And I know I have a reputation for like being specifically vague or vague on purpose. That intentional vagueness is definitely going to come up during this podcast series. So like anytime I feel like I'm dipping into other people's stories or experiences that are not mine to share, I will definitely widen out my language to navigate around those. And I really see this season of the podcast as a time capsule and it feels important as we're expanding and working with a broader group of creatives to share this information out. And I wish there were more companies where you could hear an oral history of the company. And honestly, it's kind of also really funky to be reflecting on like pre-COVID and then COVID times and like post COVID times and feeling very different about capturing the time of various distances or differences, I should say. I highly recommend listening to this in order, as an FYI. And I hope that it's helpful for people. I hope that maybe somewhere it is between comforting and inspiring and validating. My motivation and intention with this - which is something I've, I've done in season kickoffs, feels like, there's just an important part of the origin story and capturing where things have been and where they are going when really I feel like we're in a very pivotal moment with the company. So it's almost a way for others to engage and kind of choose how or if you want to also be involved. 

So yeah, I hope that this is something that you find helpful. I hope it's something that sparks some conversations in your own lives or in the companies and organizations that you work within.

So it's definitely a different vibe than the previous seasons of Any Other Anythings - yeah, definitely a different vibe than the previous seasons. But I think as the company is pivoting and there are shifts happening, it makes sense that that is also going to be reflected in other projects that we do. Alright? 

So, thank you all for your time and energy. Greatly appreciate that you are here. I hope you enjoy this season. I hope that you enjoy the journey of Grey Box Collective and maybe learn something along the way.

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