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IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE (2008-2018)

EMP_T_Y (2.0) (1).png


trauma. fatigue. burnout

Molly W. Schenck, Director

Crystal Lapachelle, Performer

Lauren Scott, Performer

William Crook, Sound Designer

October 18th, 19th, and 20th, 2019

"EMP_T_Y" asks 'how can we navigate our lives without losing ourselves and our connection to each other?' This piece begins to explore the elements of daily living that lead to systemic trauma, compassionate/empathy fatigue, and burnout.

This performance premiered as part of the Crumble Collection along side four phase I and phase II performances:

Friend me, Follow me, Say hello

Structural War Zone

Thanks for tuning in and please stop staring!

Hyphenated States

The highlight reel, the letter to the audience, and the behind the scenes videos (to the right) were created by Abisai Alvarez and Shelli Witt

Graphic design (top left) by Molly W. Schenck

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