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IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE (2008-2018)

The Crumble Collection featured five pieces in development. Click on the links below to find out more about each show:


The trailer and teaser videos were created by Abisai Alvarez and Shelli Witt.

Graphic design (top left) by Molly W. Schenck

TCC PC.png

Friend me, Follow me, Say Hello

"Friend me, Follow me, Say hello" is a devised performance created by young people through social media. The show explores the complexity and theatricality of how we form connections in the virtual space, the live space, and the in between. Aesthetically shaped to encourage you to experience the creative nature of online interactions, and join in the playfulness of a young person's imagination.

If you would like to see more: BTS, Highlight

Hyphenated States

"Hyphenated States" explores and responds to experiences in and out of foster care and the impacts of these experiences on spacetimebodyminds. The ensemble uses metaphors of magic, life's lessons, collage art, and painting to create, animate, and translate research into action.

If you would like to see more: BTS, Highlight

Hi, Thanks for tuning in!

Hi, thanks for tuning in! Today, we’re talking about being watched, watching others, and how the ways that our non-normativity is perceived varies from medium to medium. Oh, you can’t hear- no, you can hear me but you can’t see- no? Hello?

If you want to see more: Promo

Structural War Zone

"Structural War Zone" is about the daily battles that we participate in. The show compares war zone stressors and everyday life through the aesthetics of body, space and power. Imagine waking up and feeling the full weight of the world on top of you....but you have work.

If you want to see more: BTS


"EMP_T_Y" asks 'how can we navigate our lives without losing ourselves and our connection to each other?' This piece begins to explore the elements of daily living that lead to systemic trauma, compassionate/empathy fatigue, and burnout.

If you would like to see more: Promo

Sarah Tan, Director

Penelope Moon, Performer

Alicia Scholar, Performer

Chris Weise, Stage Manager​

Lizbett Benge, Director

Chasity Flores, Performer

Reign Hopkins, Performer

Michael Tristano Jr., Performer

Dienae Hunter, Director
William Crook, Performer
Sofia Dotta, Media Designer
Preston Thompson, Performer
Michael Tristano Jr., Performer
John Idalis, Collaborator

Thomas J. Underdal, Director

Chelsea McCasland, Performer

Lauren Scott, Performer

John Idalis, Collaborator

Molly W. Schenck, Director

Crystal Lapachelle, Performer

Lauren Scott, Performer

William Crook, Sound Designer

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