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IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE (2008-2018)

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Grey Box Collective's Wild Card Series: A Sampling of New Work featured three phase I development pieces that went on to be phase II performances in The Crumble Collection.

"Stay (Dis)connected" was led by Sarah Tan and created in collaboration with Penelope Moon and Kayelyn O'Connell. Where does authenticity live in the virtual space? Are texts, digital filters, or emojis any less real than sharing a moment in person? Created in collaboration with young people (aged 5-8 years old), "Stay (Dis)connected" explores how and where human connection exists in this digital divide.This show evolved into
"Friend Me, Follow Me, Say Hello".

"Hyphenated States" was led by Lizbett Benge and created in collaboration with Brittany Romanello and Michael Tristano Jr.. This performance explores the various experiences, roles, and agencies involved in the child welfare system in Arizona. Combining Arizona group home rules and regulations, foster parent training curricula, state policies, and interviews with current and former foster youth, we use chance art, movement, and breath to bring to light the complexities of navigating foster care. This show continued development, which you can find here.

"Tune in to my livestream and please stop staring" was led by Dienae Hunter and created in collaboration with Rain Locker and Hayley Sklar Shapiro.. There’s us and then there’s them. We know there’s an us and a them because they stare every time we go outside. It’s tiring being visible. What if we could move through the world unnoticed, can you imagine what that’s like? See how this piece continued on here.

The highlight reel was created by filmmakers Reeb Menjivar and Alexis Moore.

Thomas J. Underdal was the Production Manager and Kiara Nava was the Production Assistant.

Flyer design by Molly W. Schenck.

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