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Events will be added as details become available.

Continue to check back, follow us Facebook and Instagram, as well as sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!

Can't wait for a new event?


We understand (#millennials #genz #instantgratificationgenerations) ... check out the GBC Store to purchase replays of past workshops, get performances delivered to your mailbox (as in, like, a postcard, like, snail mail, old school, not an email, we all have too many of those), and more!

Have an opinion or idea about what our next online workshop or class should be?


There's a form for that. Let us know here!

Waiting for an event to start?

In general, all event links will be sent via email the day of the event or at the time of purchase.


If you do not receive the link within an hour of the event's start time, please contact

Want to provide feedback about an event?​

Wonderful. We look forward to reading it. You can submit your feedback here.


Your feedback is anonymous - unless you chose to share your name. Your feedback helps us better understand our audience and the audience experience. We apply what you share both artistically and organizationally. Also, the grants we apply for to fund our seasons are interested in the demographics of those we connect with. Completing the survey is a way to indirectly financially support us. Your feedback will be viewed by Grey Box Collective's administrators and artists. Your testimonial will only be shared publicly if you consent to it.

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