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Trauma-Informed Creative Practices is a human-centered approach that takes into consideration the how and why behind the delivery of a creative process in addition to the content of it. TICP was created by Molly W. Schenck whose work has been centered on facilitating collaboratively devised performances around topics such as sexual violence and mental health. TICP is a practice-based methodology of embracing curiosity while embedding compassion to cultivate brave and supportive spaces where learning and creativity can flourish. A key regular practice to this work is taking time to self-reflect on the responses or reactions that come up for you and others in your spaces of creativity and learning.  We envision a sustainable future for artists. Our response to the current state of the arts is utilizing a trauma-informed approach to creativity that centers artists mental and physical health. It is time to give trauma - in all of its many forms - our attention to survive and move forward as a field.If you are interested in learning more, you can listen to our podcast, check out our store for workshop replays or contact us directly to set up a workshop for your school or organization.

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