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Understanding Otherness: The Film

Dear Audience ~ 


Working in a digital realm allowed the feeling of otherness to come through within the fabric of the creation process. 


To create is to focus, commit, delegate, asses, re-asses, erase, re-group, love, hate, separate, heal, progress, re-acquaint, trust, inspire (yourself), admire, abandon restraints, relearn vulnerabilities and so many more words/feelings are left unsaid. 


We created tasks and ideas together, but the separation of geographies and time left us to film, write, and edit on our own. 


The final work as you see it also came about from othering the content from it's initially intended meaning: one of us would write a phrase and the other would respond with movement , those pieces were welded together into a larger piece without necessarily consulting about one clear narrative. But that othering from the intentions of each artist also allowed for permission to create meanings for ourselves at every stage.


Some ideas that were formed in process include:

"Othering as isolation"

"Othering to protect ourselves and create boundaries"

"Finding community through othering"

"Pulled between the people associated with different parts of ourselves"

"Embodied Interdependence"

"Human othering from our ecosystems"


Reflections, echoes, layers, breaking and putting things back together but changed.


We encourage the audience to fully abandon expectations, judgements & insecurities that unconsciously apply to our interpretations and judgements. Not only in the performance space, but progressing forward in all your endeavors. You deserve to free of your old constraints, and welcoming in new energies that better serve you.


We hope you walk away with the message that you are not alone. We hope you take away from today's viewing pleasant coincidences, joys, discoveries and new mindset pathways that offer new insights within your personal lives.

With gratitude,

The Digital Creatives 

Dear Audience,

Dear Audience,

Dear Audience,

Dear Audience,

Dear Audience,

Digital Creatives Bios

Adam Mendez is grateful to be a part of Grey Box Collective once again, and create original works. Raised in the cold mountains of Helena, MT and starting in poetry & musical theatre, Adam received his BA in Theatre (Acting Concentration) from ASU in 2016. That following winter, Adam moved to LA to pursue acting dreams & networking. Adam continues to work on film & theatre in the area, primarily works with an educational theatre program currently (Kaiser Permanente). He also practices and writes his own sounds with his instruments: guitar, violin, harmonica & piano.


Chasity Flores is a desert flower; a performance artist in Nevada and Arizona .She has been apart of many works at Arizona State University. She chorgraphed a duet called Fallen Robin that was showcased in the spring 2016 undergraduate show as well as a Solo titled Shhh...eets and the bed along with it presented in the spring showcase of 2016.She has danced in works by artists around the valley such as Jenny Gerena, Ricardo Alvarez,and Molly Schenck. She took Jump Dance intensive in Honolulu, Hawaii and took master classes from Willdabeast Adams, Nick Lazzerini,Teddy Forance,Andrew Wingheart,and Misha Gabriel.She is from Avondale , Arizona and attended high school at La Joya Community High School , where most of her dance training started. She aspires to one day travel to perform and produce various shows.


Delia Ibañez is a place-based interdisciplinary artist and administrator living in the Northern Neck of Virginia. With a BA in Performance and Movement and certification in Socially Engaged Practice in Design and the Arts from Arizona State University, Delia utilizes the arts as a way to encourage critical thinking and relationship building. Delia’s personal body of work, Process in Place, has four branches - workbooks, residencies, collections, and workshops - which all intertwine to form networks of inquisitive creative action directly impacted by geographical context. In Delia’s artistic, activist, and administrative work they aim to develop relationships and support systems that parallel our ecosystems and honor both the human and nonhuman ancestors. Delia is the author of the Rare Sea: Creation Workbook. They are working with/alongside William Sterling Walker, Safos Dance Theater, and the Grey Box Collective. IG @processinplace Website

Molly W. Schenck is the Founder of Grey Box Collective and creator of Trauma-Informed Creative Practices. The body of work by Molly W. Schenck (MFA, MEd.) is rooted in a quest to understand humans. She is fascinated with human movement - whether that is a social justice movement, individuals persisting through systems, or how a body moves through space and time. She is also interested in what interrupts the full expression of movement (stress, trauma, burnout, injuries, chronic pain, etc.). This has guided the evolution of her studies and career path. She worked in higher education as an adjunct professor and administrator for ten years. She taught mind body and group fitness classes for twelve years. She specializes in the intersection of creativity and trauma and is the creator of Trauma-Informed Creative Practices. She is the founder of Grey Box Collective (an interdisciplinary, experimental, post-dramatic, trauma-informed arts organization that devises original performances around topics of social and emotional wellbeing i.e. makes weird art about tough stuff). She is the author of ‘Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices for Dance Educators’. She is a certified Trauma Support Specialist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a 500-hour experienced yoga teacher (focused on asana, pranayama, and meditation), Certified Teacher of BodyMind Dancing™, a registered somatic dance educator and a somatic movement therapist trained in Dynamic Embodiment™. IG: @mollywschenck@traumainformedcreativepracticeFB: mollywschenck

Reign Hopkins Performer, creative, disabled artist, and trauma informed survivor of domestic, physical, and gang violence. Partially raised in foster care, healing, culinary and performing arts was a way to escape a very tragic home life as a child, which turned into advocation and a passion as a later, medically retired adult. Education background includes child psychology, child development, alcohol and drug counseling, broadcast media relations, culinary arts, performance arts, choirs/choir directing, performance including theatrical and performing on drill/majorette dance teams as well as church praise and worship/lethargic/interpretational dance teams, abnormal psychology, criminal Justice and holistic wellness life coaching. Future plans and goals are to expand in Radio/music arts, healing arts and performance arts, including working with children from marginalized communities interested in using the arts as a form of diversion from gang violence, childhood abuse, expression, Autistic arts, working with foster children, youth in the juvenile system, youth and young adult healing, dealing with bullying and as a career. @pynkreignFacebook @Ray Ridiculously Reign

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