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IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE (2008-2018)

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Trauma Informed Creative Practices (TICP) for theatre artists & educators who are interested in folding this methodology into their personal, artistic, and/or educational practice. This workshop is led by Grey Box Collective's founder, Molly W. Schenck & Co-Education Coordinators, Sarah Tan & Chris Weise.

This 3-part virtual workshop series is broken down as follows:
Pt. I, July 9, at 5p PST: Introduction, Background, and Theory of TICP
Pt. II, July 16, at 5p PST: Application, Experience, and Reflection: Let's get creative!
Pt. III, July 23, at 5p PST: Reviewing and Contextualizing TICP During Unrest, Uncertainty, and Uprising

Recordings of each part of the series will be sent to your inbox 24-hours after the evening concludes and will be available for the month of July 2020.

What to Expect:
In general, everything is an invitation. You can engage as much as you feel comfortable, in the ways you feel comfortable throughout the series. There will be time to reflect and ask questions built into each part, as well as moments to ground, center, and be present with ourselves. More details below.
Pt. I: This series will be kicked off with Molly to lay a strong foundation in understanding the work we do, why we do it and how it came to be. This section will be mostly reflection, discussion, and lecture.
Pt. II: Get ready to create collaboratively with Sarah and Chris! Here you will be invited to move, write, and generate tiny performances with each other. We recommend having something nearby to write on and feel comfy moving in.
Pt. III: In this final section, come with questions, concerns, confusions, etc. as we wrap-up TICP within the present moment and discuss how to apply it in our futures.

We envision a sustainable future for artists. Our response to the current state of the arts is utilizing a trauma informed approach to creativity that centers artists mental and physical health. It is time to give trauma - in all of its many forms - our attention to survive and move forward as a field.
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