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Why Do a Podcast?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

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MOLLY: Hello and welcome to Any Other Anythings? the podcast that talks about all the creativity work and the randomness that happened in an ensemble-based performance collective. I'm your host Molly W Schenck of Grey box Collective.

So this will be one of those quick episodes where it's just me talking about something specific. We won't follow our usual format that I talk about in episode one. You get me monologuing. I decided to pop in after listening to the first episode and reflecting on it. I was like, we didn't actually talk about why we actually had a podcast or the inspiration behind that. We talked about the name but that was it. So it felt like a gap in that first episode and I wanted to fill that.

So how did this podcast ? In a production meeting this past spring, we were talking about one of the shows in development at the time, and we are discussing out of online dating which was show research, just for the record, and I'm not going to go into details about it but let's just say it was very long and winding a conversation that included some Urban Dictionary browsing of certain terms and then Google Images can always find something that leaves a lasting impression like 40-minute conversation someone said I wish that have been recorded and someone else said to the effect like what if Grey Box Collective had a podcast and here we are. I always thought of Grey box Collective as having this mentality of chasing inspiration wherever it takes us but I don't think it's ever resulted in such a fast turnaround especially on a project such as that makes it very exciting on several levels at this point and that's that's all I got that's why we're here.

So thanks for tuning in. Until next time. Take care of yourself.

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