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Season 1 Wrap-Up

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

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MOLLY: Hey all! Welcome to the end of Season 1 and this is Molly. I just wanted to pop in to contextualize this first season a little bit, um so most of these episodes were recorded within the first six months of the pandemic, and um as I'm sure I am not alone and feeling it''s been one hell of a year. Um so, I did not get around to editing them until more recently but it's been really interesting to go through them about a year later and I hope that if you're someone who has listened all along or maybe you're popping in and out that still find some inspiration and something helpful about them. Um I think it was such a different time you know when we are six months into the pandemic versus now a year and a half when we're all burnt out from collective trauma; you know six months in there is still some novelty and there's still some energy and I'm...I'm finding that quite useful right now as we're gearing up for our next season still in a pandemic and still navigating all those things so um thank you for your patience, thank you for sticking with us, I hope that you have enjoyed Season 1 wherever you happen to have popped in or if you've listened to every single one very much appreciate it and know that Season 2 will be coming along very soon, and it will be focused primarily on trauma and creativity.

I'm gonna mix it up and all of Season 2 will be me talking about trauma and creativity, and trauma and foreign creative practices, so that hopefully there are even more tools and more resources and I'll get into that when we get into Season 2. I want to give you a heads up, but that's what Season 2 looks like. And, then Season 3 will...will come back with um connecting with a lot more of the collective members. As we've now all gone through pandemic creatively and we are now emerging um for what is our sixth season of Grey Box Collectives and um since so many collective members did the rapid-fire questions. I figured I should also share some of my answers to them um I'm gonna go out of order because I'm doing this from memory, so I'll start with kind of the darker side of it of what's like the weirdest rabbit hole I've been down. Um so my work has primarily been around sexual violence for the past 14 years, so I have definitely ended up in some very disturbing corners of the internet and I think the...the one that sticks with me actually out of everything is some of the hazing research that I did um for a monologue for, Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice, the first iteration and we might have shown up in the second one too...the third. But, yeah the...the hazing rabbit hole of the internet um was definitely the...the hardest one to go down.

Um, what do I value about Grey Box Collective? Um, a lot of things that's why I I'm continuing to keep it going um ultimately it's um a group of people that that are really cool with kind of being on the edge or the fringe or the margins of the arts and getting messy and at the same time setting really strict boundaries with like we're doing as much as we can with what we have and doing that um really wholeheartedly authentically. Um, my favorite prop by far? Oh, this is okay! I mean there are a lot. Um, I love props, so I think most recently I really love the tool with the balloons and it just like became this kind of creature on stage, um the newspaper again was also great. But I also think about like going all the way back to Finger Painting for Grownups, which is technically never been done by Grey Box but in many ways I think about it as like pre-Grey Box Collective and what laid the groundwork was, so Finger Painting for Grownups was in 2014 and it combined like adult things with childhood things, so we had like juice boxes of wine uh with like the straws that you get on like a Juicy Juice Box or a Capri Sun or something and we had done bags of candy and you would hold a lollipop like you're smoking a cigarette so those were all props, oh and the...the condom balloons were great too you have you blow them up um and then you tie them on wire so it looks like a bouquet of balloons so those were really fun ones that I enjoy. Thank you all once again for...for listening. Thank you for your support and um we'll connect again in Season 2. Take care y'all.

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