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Interview with Fox

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

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MOLLY: Hello and welcome to the podcast where we talk about creating experimental art in trauma-informed and sustainable ways that support artists, our communities, and the organization as a whole. I'm Molly and you're listening to Any Other Anything’s?

Welcome to Any Other Anything’s? Uh would you like to start with a little check-in and um maybe a quick intro to who you are as a human being?

FOX: Sure

And then we'll get into more Grey Boxy stuff.

FOX: Yeah so um my pronouns are they/them and their or she/her or fae/faer I'll uh I'll accept them all I'm just not a dude, um and that's basically uh that's basically it right. So I'm a non-binary person and I am also an artist and I work with uh with Grey Box as primarily a sound designer um but occasionally as a as a performer and dancer and all of that um. Yeah and as far as checking goes I uh I've had a pretty productive Monday which is always nice, like I got a right amount of sleep, I got a little bit too much coffee and forgot to take some L-Theanine with it so I was just very jittery for a little bit but uh but that seemed to carry all the way through lunch and through the end of my shift, so I've just been like banging out work today and that's a really satisfying feeling.

MOLLY: Nice I also had like that jittery coffee Monday thing

FOX: Mhm

MOLLY: And I did not have that much coffee so it very much took me by surprise um I don't know what happened. What is it that you said that you have it with?

FOX: I was gonna say do you know about it it's uh L-Theanine.

MOLLY: L-Theanine?

FOX: Yeah, no so it's a it's a supplement you can get it like uh like my partner and I would get it online but like you could get it at the store I'm sure or just like a GNC or whatever um, but yeah L-Theanine it's apparently not.. so this is the part of the reason that uh Yerba mate is so effective


FOX: But it doesn't make you jittery, because it naturally it's naturally occurring in Yerba mate but it's not in like say teas and coffees that have caffeine naturally occurring in them. So if you get the supplement and just take like, 200 milligrams of L-Theanine it does the same thing it just neutralizes the jitters so you don't get that like coffee tummy and you don't get that really sort of like III'M ANXIOUS um.

MOLLY: Nice, that's that's awesome thank you for the time

FOX: yeah...It's changed the way that I 'caffeinate.'

MOLLY: Awesome, awesome um, before we get into more of what you've done with Grey Box, would you like to do a ground down and a warm-up or talk us through it?

FOX: Uh sure like my own?


FOX: Yeah um totally, for a ground down I would generally do something like um I mean most, mostly just deep breathing it uh, so going back to work that I did that I've done in the past with like orange theater, um is just sort of a getting into a space where let's see if we can..

MOLLY: Yeah, we need to stand up for this one.

FOX: Yeah, um.. cool there we go

MOLLY: Cool there we go

FOX: So, well hopefully we've got uh good space on the microphone. Um so yeah, generally what I would do is uh is stand in what uh what like the city company called saats position right so that feet shoulder width apart um like tailbone slightly tucked, slight bend in the knees, so like if so like if anybody were to come up and push you from any direction you could easily recover right. Um and then what I would uh and then I'd say uh focus on the breath and also about releasing tension, so imagining that your skeleton is all perfectly stacked upon itself and uh internally sound so you are not using any muscles at all to stand and then just feel that place where you stop holding on and controlling your breath to the point where you're like you can exhale and wait for that your body's natural impulse to just fill back up up again and ride that sort of wave and just get a get a sense for the natural rhythm of like without going [breathes in and out] and trying to control yourself.

MOLLY: Yeah.

FOX: Uh so yeah, let's do like let's do like three or four breaths here.

MOLLY: Okay.


FOX: Yeah.

MOLLY: Yeah...thank you!

FOX: You're welcome

MOLLY: Thank you, that worked very well for me today.

FOX: Good, I'm glad to hear it.


FOX: And as far as um as far as like a little warm up, I'm gonna say since we're doing like since we're podcasting it's mostly gonna be uh it's mostly voice today. So probably a little bit of uh of tongue stretching is usually something that I like to do, so like uh so tip of the tongue up against the back of your uh bottom teeth and then just stretch the whole tongue out so, and uh you can pulse with that and allow your tongue to totally relax in between the stretches and just like see how far you can press it out of your mouth.


FOX: And then uh, let's see, you want to do a tongue twister?



FOX: Uh so we'll call-and-response.

MOLLY: Uh, uh-oh.

FOX I am a mother pheasant plucker.

MOLLY: Here we go, I am a mother pheasant plucker

FOX: I pluck mother pheasants.

MOLLY: I pluck mother pheasants.

FOX: I am the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker.

MOLLY: I am the most pleasant..but wait...

FOX: Mother pheasant plucker.

MOLLY: Mother pheasant plucker.

FOX: To have ever mother pheasant plucked.

MOLLY: To have ever mother pheasant plucked.

FOX: Yeah, okay cool so uh once more..

MOLLY: I haven't done that in forever, okay.

FOX: I am a mother pheasant plucker, I pluck mother pheasants.

MOLLY: I am a mother pheasant plucker, I pluck mother pheasants.

FOX I am the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker to have ever mother pheasant plucked.

MOLLY: I am the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker

BOTH: To have ever mother pheasant plucked.

FOX: Nice!


FOX: I won't torture you with that too much.

MOLLY: I appreciate that I appreciate that. Awesome, we haven't had anyone on the podcast yet to really do like vocal stuff, um so and like like the tongue stretching, so thank you for for adding that in.

FOX: You're welcome.

MOLLY: Yeah, so with that going into um more of the specific roles that you've had within Grey Box and the shows that you've worked on.