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It's Not That Simple challenges rape culture and highlights the voices currently left out of the conversation. In April 2018. INTS toured the Phoenix Metro Area performing at Take Back the Night, The Movement Project, Phoenix Hostel and Cultural Center, SMoCA Lounge, and the Artist's Box. 

It's Not That Simple (INTS) began in 2007 at the University of Maine in Orono where Molly W. Schenck worked for the Safe Campus Project. Schenck was asked to develop an interdisciplinary performance that aligned with the office's mission to create a campus where everyone felt safe. 

The first production of INTS focused on dispelling myths and defining sexual assault. The piece evolved with the field of sexual violence prevention and, in 2011, emphasized the importance of bystander intervention. The 2011 version was studied by Schenck to better understand the impact the performance had on the ensemble and the audience. The findings were presented at SCOPE in 2012.

In 2016, Schenck produced and studied It's Not That Simple as part of her graduate thesis work (image and videos below). The performance incorporated challenging narratives that are often left out of the conversation and education around sexual violence. Her research centered on the performers experience throughout the rehearsal and performance process. 

All of the experience, research, and people who have been a part of INTS over the past ten years have influenced and shaped how the latest edition is being devised. Stay tuned to our social media and this website for more information about the 2018 production.

Support future performances of INTS here.

The full program for It's Not That Simple is available online.
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