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Our edgiest show yet! 'Fool Me Once ... Fool Me Twice ...' (2017) confronts what makes us feel like we're not enough. In GBC's first all-female production, these ladies are not holding back...i.e. there's lots of *mature content* in this one. Created by Molly W. Schenck in collaboration with performers and designers. Original team: Performers: Tobby Anderson, Chelsea McCasland, Kelsey Potter, Kat Reid, Lauren Scott, and Chinyere Tanisha. Designers: Alejandra Gama and Sharon McCaman.

In 2018, GBC re-staged FMOFMT at the Boulder Fringe Festival where it was awarded 'Most Relevant Performance.' With the use of dismantled mannequins, condoms, shaving cream, pop rocks, a variety of make-up, tampons, extra clothes, and birth control pills, we promised the BFF audience a night to remember #onenightstand #noslutshaming


We used movement, text, media, and an eclectic selection of props to challenge the shame, blame, and guilt imposed on woman in our society. From "shameless selfies" to "walks of shame" these performers shared coming of age stories about embracing their sexuality and their bodies while grappling with religious and societal norms.


One audience member said, 'It was provocative and thought-provoking. The performers were solid.' (Thanks audience member!) 


Additionally in 2018, we presented an excerpt of this work at the Network of Ensemble Theatre's conference re:Routes.


"['Fool Me Once... Fool Me Twice ...'] totally took me away - I might not have always understood it, but I liked it!"
~ anonymous audience review

highlight reel by Tony Potts

archival footage by Chris Weise, edited by Molly W. Schenck

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