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IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE (2008-2018)

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Join Grey Box Collective's Teaching Artists for a glimpse into our creative process and educational residencies! At this workshop, experience a sampling of GBC's arts-integrated, trauma-informed creative practices programing on social and emotional wellbeing.

In this workshop, you can expect to move, write, and collaboratively create around the topic of mental health, specifically stress and coping with it. GBC's teaching artists will guide you through technique's that prepare your mind and body to get creative and take artistic risks while working as an ensemble.

This workshop is ideal for movers, creatives, and/or educators who are interested in this approach to facilitation and/or wish to collaborate with GBC in the future.
Oh...and "crumbs", "nuggets", and "muffins" are how we develop work. It starts with super tiny creative acts, "crumbs", that eventually are combined into "nuggets" and layered into "muffins" actual crumbs, nuggets, or muffins will be served at the workshop.

Check out our event page to find out about upcoming workshops!
If you are interested in hosting a crumbs, nuggets, and muffins workshop at your organization, let us know!
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