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On Repeat

As grief and uncertainty loom the world amidst a global pandemic, 3 artist’s turn to movement to cope with the mundane routine of being in social isolation. What places in their home have they yet to discover? What sounds are they just now hearing? Fluctuating emotions are to be expected along the way in a search for hope within the unknown. Americans await stimulus checks while attempting to continue living. Outside flowers bloom and birds whistle loudly, as they should in the Springtime. For humans, life as we know it may be shifting for better or for worse. After-all, a virus cannot discriminate on the basis of class, race, gender, or sexual orientation. What better time to investigate humanity and reinvent “normal” as we know it.

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asses in seats

Do you think anyone who ever said “I don’t care if you’re gay, just keep it in the bedroom”, imagined that someday our bedrooms would become our cubicles?'asses in seats' is an experiment that connects the hyperrealism of adjusting to quarantine life with the existential question: “If I drastically change my appearance in the middle of the night to cope with my mounting anxiety and loneliness, and no one responds to my Instagram story to tell me I might be crazy but at least I look good, did I really give myself a mullet?” Video conferencing for like, everything, has introduced a new kind of intimacy; one that reveals a sliver of our personal lives to everyone we interact with. asses in seats investigates how queer people construct their selfhood in isolation and present themselves to the digital world. In this piece the performers reach through the laptop screen and take you home with them to show you what the webcam doesn’t see.

Created by: Chelsea McCasland, John Idalis, and Briana Bryant

Created by: Dienae Hunter, William Crook, and John Harris

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