Trauma Informed Creative Tools and Practices is a self guided workshop structured to help artists define a creative practice that would translate to their primary focus be it interior design, film, biology, etc. Artists will develop their own creative practices through solo activities and reflection. Workshop content will focus on sharpening the skills of artists’ creativity style through the development of movement and composition.


A singular workshop great for artists of all kinds interested in adding a new layer to their artistry. This workshop is led by Grey Box Collective's founder, Molly W. Schenck and facilitated as a self-guided workshop.


Key Ideas in this Workshop:

  • Understanding Your Artistic Voice
  • Unlearning Traditional Methods of Devising
  • Taking Creativity Beyond Your Art Form


The session runs about 90-mins. You are invited to take your time with the material, pausing or replaying moments in the session.


Upon purchase, you will receive a pdf that will include a link to the recorded session. We’ve also included supplementary material you may use to dive deeper if you wish.


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Trauma Informed Creative Tools & Practices