The term “trauma-informed” is becoming more frequently heard, but what does it really mean? In Introduction Trauma Informed Creative Practices (TICP), you will learn more about the existing definitions of trauma, the science that connects art and our nervous system, and how GBC has folded this practice into the rehearsal process. 


A two-part workshop great for artists & educators who are interested in understanding how to navigate stress and trauma in creative spaces. This workshop is led by Grey Box Collective's founder, Molly W. Schenck and facilitated as a self-guided workshop. 


This workshop series is broken down as follows:

Pt. I: Introduction, Background, and Theory of TICP 

Pt. II: Contextualizing TICP During Unrest, Uncertainty, and Uprising 


Each session runs about 60-mins. You are invited to take your time with the material, pausing or replaying moments in the session. 

Upon purchase, you will receive a pdf that will include a link to the recorded session. We’ve also included supplementary material you may use to dive deeper if you wish.


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Introduction to Trauma Informed Creative Practices