Ready to add a second layer to those devising crumbs? Here’s the Deck of Creative Nuggets! Presented as a deck of cards, each card gives you a crumb and a nugget - a devising prompt to start content generation, and the next step to putting the material together. Activate both the crumb and nugget on one card or mix and match them to your heart’s desire. Each deck includes 52 cards, each card listing layer one and two of a devising prompt. So get ready to shuffle, pick a card, and get creating! 


Our Deck of Creative Nuggets fits easily into your bag and can be used in any classroom, rehearsal, or creative space. Creative nuggets can be used in a solo activity or with a group of friends. A fun tool for artists and educators of all kinds. 


As many players as desired. Recommended for creatives ages 5 and up. 

Deck of Creative Nuggets

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