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Education Residency Program

Making Dance Theatre Through An Exploration of Social & Emotional Wellbeing

In this arts-integration residency, Grey Box Collective (GBC) will facilitate a series of workshops where students create original movement and text around topics of social and emotional wellbeing. Students, in collaboration with GBC’s teaching artists, will experience a brave and supportive environment to creatively explore their personal and community’s social and emotional wellbeing. GBC defines social and emotional wellbeing as embodying high levels of self-actualization, understanding the body mind connection, and being connected with the community.

The three main objectives of GBC's Education Residency Program are:

1.) Students will be able to define, identify, and articulate the importance of awareness of social and emotional wellbeing.

2.) Through collaborative creation, students will be able to identify arts-based and non-arts-based strategies to navigating social and emotional wellbeing.

3.) Students will have a basic understanding of the philosophy and methodology behind devised dance theatre performances.

Residencies are available for 3-10 student session and include pre-planning and wrap-up meetings between the schools and GBC. Residencies can also include performances and professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators. A sliding scale is available to fit your budget needs. Please contact us ( for more information.

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